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Do You Love Your Uniform?

Uniform is membership. Wearing one is belonging.  Uniforms unite a team.  It is important that the wearers like what they are wearing and that they feel good in it.  If they do, they will wear it with pride and your business will benefit from that positive endorsement.  Knowing how to create a great uniform is the science of striking the right balance between numerous choices and variables.  We work this science into what we do every day. If you don’t love your uniform, something in that science – the design, the garments, the style, the colours, the logo application – is not working.  Fixing this is what we can do for you.

What We Do

With all customers we start with your logo. Colour, shape and size all influence what garments it works best on.  There are numerous ways you can apply your logo – print and embroidery are the most common.  We also specialise in the technique of jacquard labelling – which gives a higher quality of detail and finish to print and embroidery.

A logo can be made up of component parts.  Applying these elements in different ways to our carefully sourced garments can offer creative and exciting results.

The final flourish to really make a uniform dazzle is to get your packaging and presentation where it should be. Our earth friendly packaging can range from the simply practical, to the fun and creative. This creativity flows into our design work for your brand.  Brand identity is your reputation in visual form, it should flow across your social media, your actual work and of course your uniform.

Who We Work With

Price and quality are both important, but quality comes first.  This approach is at the forefront of our uniform and merchandising offerings.  Baxterstorey Brooke, Barry’s Tea, Hayfield Manor, Royal Cork Yacht Club and McWilliam’s Bags are organisations that know this to be true, and trust us to work with them to maintain those values.

Our business is making uniforms.  Some of our clients already have a long-established uniform and just need to source an element of it, or add a new department to it.  In this we are always very happy to help.  What we really love to do is design a uniform from scratch.  From school to work to the playing field, we apply our expertise from the concept to the physical product.  We believe that a ‘uniform’ does not mean everyone has to wear the same garments.  A successful uniform will make its wearers identifiably belonging to your organisation with some know-how and subtle touches.


Ethics & Sustainability

Love your uniform, respect our planet.  Buying on price is buying cheap.  There is a well-established principal that buying better quality in the long-run means buying less. If you get twice as long from a garment you are halving what you dispose of.

We can impact the use of single-use plastics in how we choose the garments we work with, and obviously how we package them, and in turn the effect they potentially can have on our fragile environment.